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This new mirror is still in beta stage with added many feature. if you found a bug please report it. you can report from Feedback on Contact Me Menu on site. I recommended you to open Latest News page to view any news

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for stability reason, i make this server only can service 5 connection per ip
if you use download accelerator (ex: IDM, DAP) you might be got error 404/503

Term of Use

    For using this service, you're agree with these following:
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to post a direct link to files from this mirror. if you want to share, you can share link to file information
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to mirroring / upload files to another filehosting without my permission
  • DO NOT SPAM in Comment, Feedback, Contact & Rating system
  • DO NOT sell any files from here
  • I am NOT RESPONSIBLE with any damage because files from this mirror service

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